Apexi Style Turbo Timer

Apexi Style Turbo Timer
Apexi Style Turbo Timer
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This small newly designed pen size Auto Timer allows your engine to idle for a certain amount of preset time after the keys are removed from the ignition. No need to sit in the car and wait for the engine to cool down. The newly upgraded version has a multi angle joystick button that makes navigating thru all the feature menus a breeze. The Timer was upgraded physically and internally. With this new version, the Auto Timer can automatically determine the required amount of time for engine to cool down to a safe temperature. Also has a manual mode where users can set their own desired amount of idle time. When the user inputs O2 sensor voltage, the Timer will be able to display Theoretical Air Fuel Ratio. You can also use this Timer to display data such as O2 Sensor and Battery voltages. 

- Universal fit for all super charged or turbo cars
- Will work on non-turbo cars as well
- Automatically determine sufficient amount of idle time
- Manual mode option for user input intervals 
- Displays A/F Value, O2 Sensor Voltage, Battery Voltage and Countdown Time
- Measures 4” x 3/4” x 5/8” (Pen Size)
- Will work on Automatic or Manual vehicles

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